People who own a WordPress website pay attention to the fast loading of their web pages. WordPress cache plugins, one of the functional plugins of WordPress, are used by users to accelerate all the operations of websites. It is possible to compress various files while accelerating with these plugins.

The speed of websites is essential for Google. Because the website’s opening speed is low, visitors stop entering and turn to other sites.

This time should be 2 seconds, according to famous research. In other words, if the website won’t open in 2–3 seconds, the Google rankings will also be affected (it will be decreased). Considering the number of visitors and the importance of Google rankings, the value of fast websites is better to visit.

We can say the number of website visitors increases, and the website can rank first in search engines with cache plugins. Cache plugins are helpful for people who want to speed up their websites. Our expert, the WordPress support team, can assist you if you are experiencing speed issues on your WordPress site.

What is WordPress Cache Plugin?

Cache plugins provide all functions of the sites begin to be loaded into the browsers of the people who visit the websites. For these processes, many requests are sent to the servers, and therefore the loading and opening times of the web pages increase.

While websites deliver those files, returning items such as images, headers, and CSS takes a lot of time. Cache plugins have been developed to reduce this time and make this process easier.

These plugins convert the content of websites into HTML pages, and the server uses these HTML files without re-requesting. Cache plugins increase the speed of websites by loading files from the cache.

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The Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Many Cache plugins are offered to users who want to increase their visitor experience and improve their website SEO rankings. It is possible to sort the best cache plugins as Wp Super Cache, Comet Cache, WP Rocket, Wp Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, and LiteSpeed Cache. The advantages of these plugins to their users are as follows:

1. Wp Super Cache


Wp Super Cache plugin stands out when considering Cache plugins that improve the speed of websites. It is a plugin that is both positive and highly rated by its users, and many WordPress users widely use it. The plugin positively affects the performance of the websites. It has proven itself in GTmetrix tests (the load time has been reduced by 0.85 seconds). A second test, the Pingdom test, decreased the loading of websites by 1.03 seconds and showed excellent performance in terms of speed. Wp Super Cache plugin:

  • Stops Cache Sites for authors and admin
  • It has many useful features such as CDN support, Gzip compression, and Pages caching.

2. Comet Cache


Comet Cache plugin, which is very easy to install and activate, has free and paid versions. It can speed up websites at a rate of 13 in the tests performed among the Cache plugins.

Although there are many features such as gzip compression and activation and automatic cache creation. People who want to take advantage of more professional features can use the plugin’s premium version.

3. WP Rocket


WP Rocket is a premium Cache plugin and very easy to install and use. The plugin performs best regardless of the size of the website. The plugin does not require coding skills, so it is preferred by people who do not know how to code. The features offered by this plugin to its users:

  • Compressing and merging CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files
  • It works seamlessly with the Cloudflare component
  • It optimizes Google font
  • It is seen that the speed of the websites increases by 09 in the plugin speed tests

4. WP Fastest Cache


The most important feature of this plugin solves the slowdown problem due to the high number of visitors. In addition, the plugin has the Cache plugin feature, which is the easiest to install, and there is no need to make any changes to the .htaccess file. WP Fastest Cache plugin has proven the accelerating effects of its features in speed tests. These features are:

  • Small in size, compresses and optimizes CSS and JS files
  • Enables and disables the cache option for visitors who log on to websites
  • It allows the integration of Cloudflare with CDN options

5. W3 Total Cache


The plugin stands out by updating itself every few months. It is the oldest free plugin, and if it is set up, there is no need to make adjustments afterward. The plugin proposes a checking mechanism for various site errors. More than a million people use the plugin, and it is trendy. The popular features of the W3 Total Cache plugin are:

  • It provides Cloudflare support thanks to its advanced CDN options, CSS and JavaScript optimization
  • It is accelerated mobile pages and database caching

6. LiteSpeed Cache


The plugin is constantly updating itself. It is a free and very comprehensive cache plugin. It offers many features to its users, such as compressing images and cleaning the database and is among the most preferred Cache plugins. You can download the LiteSpeed Cache plugin.


Cache plugins that will speed up websites and provide many features can be listed in this way. Users can test and use the most suitable plugin for their website. Users can test the plugins installed on GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom and check their suitability for websites.

According to this post, I hope you will find the best cache plugin for your website. You can write your preferred cache plugin in the comments section. If you have any questions, you can leave a message below.

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