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Content is all elements expressed using text, video, and different art branches and techniques. Content types; In general, it is divided into many chapters. However, the most well-known main types of content are as follows; Written (Text) content type, Visual content type, and Video content type.

Ready-made articles and editorial services prepared by experienced content writers are only in Creaup! You can choose us for all your content orders and editorial services!

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SEO friendly content

The writers working within the body of periodically participate in SEO training and follow the latest developments in content-SEO compatibility.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to produce by the SEO criteria in line with your requests.

Expert content editors

We use a special algorithm that shows the orders you create through the request form to the experts in the category you need. In this way, your content is produced by experts in the field.

It is delivered to you after the control of our editors.

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Meet the Future of Content Marketing

Sharing content is best to build your brand’s voice and authority online. Other benefits of content creation include increased website traffic, expanded customer portfolio, and increased chances of converting leads into sales.

Creaup offers professional solutions for your content needs with its strong freelance community, intelligent technologies, and unique production power in different languages.

Content Marketing FAQs

Write to us for any questions you may have.

The standard and professional plans contain simultaneous SEO-friendly content, and word analysis has been done. The professional package also includes content support entry, that is, editorial service. You can contact us for detailed information.

To put it briefly, content entries for your website or blog are made by our professional team.

Generally, 5-10 articles are produced within one week. The time is determined according to the number of pieces.

Of course, all the content written for your company passes 100% control and is prepared original. We do not write copy-paste articles in any way.

Unfortunately, you do not have the right to return because our work is digital products. Do not worry; we will continue to revise until you are happy.

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